Query Properties Dialog Box: General Tab

Use the General tab to specify the general properties for the query that you want to run. You can edit or modify the query criteria by clicking Edit Query Statement.

To specify a new query, type a unique name that identifies the query. You can use up to 127 characters. To specify an existing query, click Browse, which opens the Browse Query dialog box.
An optional comment that describes the query.
Object type
Select an object type to query. An object type is a set of related attribute classes. A query can search against only one object type at a time.
Edit Query Statement
Click to open the Query Statement Properties dialog box, which you can use to edit the query statement properties.
Collection limiting
Specify if and how queries are limited to collections. This applies only to the following object types: System Resource, User Resource, and User Group Resource.

Note    This query property applies only to Resource object types and does not apply to the following object types: Advertisement, Package, Program, and Site.

Not collection limited
The query is not limited to a specific collection.
Limit to collection
The query is limited to a specific collection. Type the collection name or click Browse to locate and select a collection in the Browse Collection dialog box.
Prompt for collection
Administrators who want to run the query will be prompted to specify the collection to limit the query to.

Note    You cannot limit a query to more than one collection using this feature. If you need to limit a query but would like to query more than one collection, create a new collection that includes the desired collections.

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