About Displaying Query Results

When a query is run, the results are displayed in the details pane of the SMS Administrator console. You can modify how these results are displayed by using the General tab of the Query Statement Properties dialog box.

The General tab displays a table which includes the query attributes. You can modify how the query results will be displayed by moving the query attributes up or down in the table. The order of the attributes in this table, from top to bottom, are the order in which they are displayed within the query results columns, from left to right. In other words, the first attribute listed in this table is displayed in the first column on the left and the last attribute listed in this table is displayed in the last column on the right.

You can also modify how query results are sorted. The sort order determines the order in which the results are displayed within the columns. Choose from ascending, descending, or unsorted. To modify the sort order, highlight a query attribute and click Properties.

Finally, after a query is run, you can re-arrange the result columns in the details pane. The re-arranged order will be saved as a user preference across sessions.

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