Initiate an Update to Package Data on Distribution Points

Note    You must have Distribute permission for the Package security object type to update package data on distribution points.

Although you can schedule recurring updates to distribution points in the Data Source tab of a package's properties, you can also manually update package data on a specific distribution point at any time. Manually initiating the update will not interfere with the update schedule.

  1.  Systems Management Server
       Lower levelSite Database
         Lower levelPackages
           Lower levelpackage
             Lower levelDistribution Points

  2. Right-click Distribution Points, point to All Tasks, and then click Update Distribution Points.
  3. Click Yes to confirm that you want to resend the package to the selected distribution point.

When you update package data on a distribution point, any existing copy of the package files is first deleted from the distribution point. SMS then sends the new copy of the package data to the distribution point.

You can also initiate an update to all distribution points for a package by right-clicking the package (or Distribution Points within the package), pointing to All Tasks, and then clicking Update Distribution Points.

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