The Distribute Software Wizard

The Distribute Software Wizard enables you to easily distribute software to clients by guiding you through the process of creating an advertisement for a selected collection.

Note    You must have Read, Create, and Distribute permission for the Package security object type; Read, Create, and Advertise permission for the Collection security object type; and Read and Create permission for the Advertisement security object type to run the Distribute Software Wizard.

As you complete the wizard, you will be prompted to specify the following information:

Package and program
The package that contains the program you want to advertise to clients. You can select an existing package or create a new one (manually or from a package definition file).

If you started this wizard from a package in the SMS Administrator console tree, this page displays the selected package.

Distribution points
The distribution points that you want to copy the package to.
Specify whether you want to advertise one of the package's programs to a collection. The wizard displays any existing advertisements for this package.
If you chose to create an advertisement, you must select the collection of resources (the target collection) that you want to receive the program. You can select an existing collection or create a new one. You can also choose to advertise the program to the collection's subcollections.
The date and time when the program will be available to clients for installation, and whether the program is mandatory ("assigned"). You can also specify whether the program advertisement will expire, and if so, the cutoff date and time.

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