Package Properties Dialog Box: Distribution Settings Tab

When packages are distributed between sites, you must use senders to communicate with other sites. Use this tab to specify the optional sending priority and preferred sender for the package.

Sending priority
The priority of this package when sent to distribution points in child sites. Packages can be sent with High, Medium, or Low priority. The default setting is Medium priority.

If a package has High priority, it will be sent before packages with Medium or Low priority. If a package has Low priority, it will be sent after packages with higher priority settings. If packages have identical priorities, they will be sent in the order in which they were created in the SMS Administrator console.

Sending priority for a package is carried over in packages sent from a parent site to a child site.

Preferred sender
The sender to be used to send this package to distribution points in other sites. You can specify any sender configured for the site, or No Preference (which uses any available sender). The default setting is No Preference.

Note    To use Courier Sender to distribute packages, you must select it as the preferred sender.

Other tabs in this dialog box: General, Data Source, Data Access, Reporting, Security

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