Assignment Schedule Dialog Box

Use this dialog box to schedule when the advertised program is mandatory to run on clients in the specified collection. If the program has not been run on the client by the scheduled time you specify in this dialog box, it will automatically run at the assigned time.

Assign to the following schedule
Advertisements are assigned according to the specified dates and times. This option is selected by default.
Click to open the Schedule dialog box, which enables you to specify the schedule for the assignment. By default, the schedule is set to the current date and time, no recurrence.
Assign immediately after this event
The event that must occur before the advertised program automatically runs on clients.
As soon as possible
The program will automatically run as soon as it reaches the client and all program requirements are met. This value is specified by default.
The program will automatically run the next time a user logs off the client.
The program will automatically run the next time a user logs on to the client.

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