Advertisement Properties Dialog Box: General Tab

Use this tab to specify a program to distribute to a collection of clients.

The name of the advertisement, up to 50 characters. This field is required.
Optional text about the advertisement, such as a description. You can use up to 127 characters.
The package that contains the program that will be advertised to clients. This field is required.
The program (within the specified package) to advertise to clients. This field is required.
The existing collection that will receive the advertisement. This field is required.

Note    SMS will not advertise a program to 16-bit clients based on user groups or user accounts, but this is supported for 32-bit clients.

Click to open the Browse Collection dialog box, which enables you to search for the collection you want.
Include members of subcollections
Specifies that the program also be advertised to clients and users in the specified collection's subcollections. By default, this check box is selected.

Other tabs in this dialog box: Schedule, Security

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