Access Account Properties Dialog Box

Use this dialog box to set permissions that enable users and user groups to access package data on its distribution points. By default, Users and Guests have Read permissions for distribution points. If you require greater control over which users have access to package files on distribution points, specify package access accounts.

Note    When using package access accounts, ensure that all clients that will receive the package will have access to the distribution point through the access accounts defined for the package. Advertised programs will fail to run if users do not have proper rights to the package on distribution points.

The name of the account to which you want to grant access to the package share on distribution points.
Click to specify the name of the access account in the dialog box appropriate for the account type. For example, a Windows NT account, a NetWare NDS account, a NetWare Bindery account, or a generic account.
Account type
The type of account (for example, Windows NT Access Account).
The levels of access granted to the specified account.
Enables the account to read and copy files, run programs, change directories with the shared directory, and read extended attributes of files. By default, this option is selected.

To run a program file (a file with a .com, .exe, or .bat extension), a user must have Read permission.

Enables the account to write the contents and extended attributes of files. Change permission is required for applications that need to write information back to the shared package directory.
Full Control
Enables the account to read and write the contents and extended attributes of files.
No Access
Prevents the account from reading files or writing the contents and extended attributes of files.

Caution     If you add an account, or modify the permissions of an existing account, you will need to update or refresh the distribution points. When distribution points are updated, the package source is recopied to the distribution points. To minimize the resulting impact on network resources, if you have several changes to make, make them all before updating the distribution points.

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