About Space Requirements for Software Distribution

Before you create a package, verify that enough disk space is available on the site server and on distribution points (and on any required child site servers and distribution points). If you are distributing a package within a site, use the following general guidelines to compute the disk space required on a site server:

Therefore, if the site server performs a distribution point role, it generally needs disk space between 1.0 and 2.5 times the size of the original package source files.

Software distribution occurs most rapidly if you have enough disk space to compress and decompress files. If there is not enough space, the site server might have to wait for the removal of temporary package directories before it can proceed with software distribution.

If a system runs out of disk space during the software distribution process, you should free the recommended amount of disk space. Even if a system is out of disk space, the SMS services will continue to try to complete package compression and decompression. When free disk space is available, SMS components will complete the actions that were prevented by a lack of disk space.

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