About Programs

Programs are commands that are associated with an SMS package and that run on client computers when the package is advertised. You can specify more than one program per package. For example, for the Microsoft Excel package, you can create programs to perform a Typical installation, a Minimum installation, a Custom installation, and an uninstall operation.

You can associate virtually any activity with a program. For example, a program can be used to install new software on clients, distribute data files, run virus detection software, and update client configurations.

You can specify one or more supported platforms for each program. Programs are only available to target clients running a supported platform. SMS 2.0 supports the following platforms:

Note    When running programs on Windows NT clients, you must consider user context and administrative rights. For more information, see About Programs on Windows NT Clients.

Make sure that the package source directory contains all the files and subdirectories needed to complete the program, including any scripts. (SMS enables you to create scripts that automate the installation and configuration of software. One way to create your own scripts is to use the SMS Installer. You can also use batch files, custom setup programs, or other setup or scripting products to automate SMS installations.)

After you create a program for a package, you can advertise that program to a collection of clients by using Advertisements in the SMS Administrator console.

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