About Package Definition Files

SMS includes a number of package definition files that you can use to automate package creation in the SMS Administrator console. A package definition file is a text file that contains information about package and program properties that can be imported and then modified. Package definition files are available for many popular applications, such as Microsoft Internet Explorer and Microsoft Office. These files are also available for Microsoft Windows NT service packs.

Following are the basic steps for distributing software to clients by using a package definition file:

  1. Create the package source directory.
  2. Use the Create Package from Definition Wizard to create a package for the application.
  3. Specify distribution points for the package.
  4. Specify access accounts for the package (optional).
  5. Advertise one or more of the package's programs to clients.

The package definition files included with SMS 2.0 are automatically imported and listed in the Create Package from Definition wizard. Additional package definition files and updates to existing files are located on the Systems Management Server Web site at http://www.microsoft.com/smsmgmt. From this location, you can download package definition files and find instructions on how to use them.

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