Database Maintenance SQL Commands: General Tab

Use the Database Maintenance SQL Commands General tab to enable and schedule SQL commands that you want to run. This tab is used for all supported database maintenance tasks. (For more information see, Database Maintenance SQL Commands Overview.)

Specifies the name of the selected command. You must enter the command exactly as you want it to be passed to SQL Server (no syntax checking is performed). For example, to run the stored procedure that displays the overall space usage of the database, enter sp_spaceused.
Enable SQL Command
Enables the selected command. You must enable the command to schedule it.
SQL command
Enables you to type in the SQL command you want to run.
Log status to
Specifies the logging file and path for status generated when the command is run. The path can be any valid network path (for example, \\myserver\logs\command1.log). The logs can be viewed with any basic text editor, such as Notepad.

Note    If you do not supply the log path, status will not be logged for the command.

Specifies the schedule to run the selected task.
Start after
Specifies the earliest time that the selected task can begin.
Latest start time
Specifies the latest time that the selected task can begin.
Monday through Sunday
Specifies the days to run the task. You can specify each day independently. For example, you could schedule a task to run only on Sunday or on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

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