About Status Summarizers

Status summarizers provide a high-level real-time view of the health of the following four SMS features and subsystems, so that you can quickly identify and resolve problems:

Component Status and Advertisement Status Summarizers
These summarizers count the different types of messages generated by components and advertisements. If too many messages of a certain type occur within a specific time period, a status message threshold is crossed, and the status indicator of the status summarizer changes. For example, you can specify that if any component generates more than five messages a day, its status becomes Warning, and if it generates more than ten messages a day, its status becomes Critical.
Site System Status and Package Status Summarizers
These summarizers track state changes instead of counting error messages. For example, the Site System Status summarizer reacts to changes in free disk space on site systems. If the free space falls below the threshold you set, the Site System Status summarizer's status indicator changes. The Package Status Summarizer tracks such changes as how many clients have installed each package.

All the summarizers except Site System Status are event driven; they respond in real time to changes taking place in SMS. Only the Site System Status summarizer polls for its information, according to a schedule you can set.

The following table describes each of the four status summarizers.

Component Site System Advertisement Package
Configurable Yes Yes Yes
Thresholds Yes Yes
Status indicators Yes Yes
Tracks state or counts messages Counts Tracks Counts Tracks
Schedule or event driven Event Sched Event Event

There is one Component Status summarizer and one Site System Status summarizer per site, but only one Advertisement Status summarizer and one Package Status summarizer per site database, and they cover all the sites in that site database.

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