Run the Upgrade Secondary Site Wizard

Note   You must have Modify permission for the Site security object class or instance to run this wizard.

  1.  Systems Management Server
       Lower levelSite Database
         Lower levelSite Hierarchy
           Lower levelsite name
              Lower levelsecondary site name

  2. Right-click the secondary site, point to All Tasks, and then click Upgrade Secondary Sites. You must have a network connection to the secondary site server you are upgrading.

The Upgrade Secondary Site Wizard enables you to choose to either download installation files from the primary site server or use installation files that are available at the secondary site (for example, from a Systems Management Server version 2.0 compact disc that you have provided to the secondary site).

If you choose to download the files, the primary site server must have the files for the platform of the secondary site you will create. For example, if you want to create a secondary site on an Alpha platform from an Intel primary site, then the primary site server must have the files for both platforms.

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