Change a Site's Parent

Note   You must have Modify permission for the Site security object class or instance to perform this procedure.

You can change a site's parent to reconfigure your site hierarchy.

  1.  Systems Management Server
       Lower levelSite Database
         Lower levelSite Hierarchy
           Lower levelsite name

  2. Right-click the site, and then click Properties.
  3. In the Site Properties dialog box, click the General tab and then click Set Parent Site.
  4. In the Set Parent Site dialog box, make sure that Report to parent site is selected, and then specify a parent site.
  5. Click OK to close the Set Parent Site dialog box.

After being attached, the child site copies its site database (and software metering database, if both sites have software metering servers) to its parent site. If the child site already has several clients, normal MIF file processing at the parent site is delayed while the child site data is added to the parent's site database.

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