Site Properties Dialog Box: General Tab

Use this tab to view the selected site's properties and to change its parent site, which reconfigures your site hierarchy.

Optional comments that describe the site.
Either Primary or Secondary, indicating whether the current site is a primary site or a secondary site.
The version of SMS that is running.
Build number
The build number of SMS that is running. The build number can be helpful in diagnosing problems and creating workarounds.
Site server
The name of the computer running the SMS site software.
Installation directory
The directory that contains SMS files on the site server.
Parent site
The current site's parent site. To change the site, click Set Parent Site.
Set Parent Site
Opens the Set Parent Site dialog box, which enables you to change the parent site of the current site or make the current site a central site. If the current site is a central site, this field contains "None".

When you change a site's parent, you reconfigure the site hierarchy. (For more information, see About Connecting Primary Sites.)

Other tabs in this dialog box: Accounts, Boundaries, Security

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