NetWare NDS Logon Discovery Properties Dialog Box: General Tab

Use this tab to specify NetWare NDS logon points.

Enable NetWare NDS Logon Discovery
Configures the specified containers as logon points. (Note, however, that no discovery takes place if there are no containers in the Logon points table below.)
Keep logon point lists for discovery and installation synchronized
Ensures that the Logon points list for NetWare NDS Logon Discovery matches the Logon points list for NetWare NDS Logon Client Installation. The two lists will remain identical, whether changes are made here or in the NetWare NDS Logon Client Installation Properties dialog box. Keeping the two lists the same means the resources installed as clients are also the resources managed in collections.
Logon points
The containers in the site that NetWare NDS Logon Discovery is enabled in.
The NetWare NDS container of the logon point.
The NetWare NDS volume of the logon point.
Picture of Create Button
Click to open the New NetWare NDS Logon Point dialog box, which enables you to add a new entry to the Logon points table.
Picture of Delete Button
Click to delete the selected logon point from the Logon points table.

Other tabs in this dialog box: Logon Settings, Polling Schedule

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