Network Discovery Properties Dialog Box: SNMP Devices Tab

Use this tab to specify SNMP devices that Network Discovery uses to gather data about your network. These can be routers (other than the site server's default gateway, which is automatically included) or other SNMP-capable devices such as hubs and token-ring media access units.

SNMP devices to use
The currently configured SNMP devices.
IP address
The IP address (for example, of an SNMP device on the network.
The name of the SNMP device, if applicable (not all SNMP devices have names).
Picture of Create Button
Click to open the New SNMP Device dialog box, which you use to add a new entry to this table.
Picture of Delete Button
Click to delete the selected SNMP device. If no SNMP device is selected, this button is disabled.

Other tabs in this dialog box: General, Subnets, Domains, SNMP, DHCP, Schedule

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