Network Discovery Properties Dialog Box: General Tab

Use this tab to enable, and specify the type of, Network Discovery.

Enable Network Discovery
Enables this type of discovery in the site. If enabled, discovery runs according to the schedule specified in the Schedule tab.
Type of discovery
Specify what you want Network Discovery to find and store in the site database:
Discovers IP subnets and routers (for more information, see the example). By default, this option is selected.
Topology and client
Discovers everything in Topology, plus potential clients: computers using IP or leasing an IP address from a Microsoft DHCP server specified on the DHCP tab. For more information, see the example. A maximum of 5000 computers per discovery is recommended.
Topology, client, and client operating system
Discovers everything in Topology and client, plus potential clients' operating systems and versions (for more information, see the example).

Note   Windows 95 and Windows 98 are initially reported as Windows 9x by Network Discovery. After the resources are installed as clients, their actual operating systems appear in the SMS site database. Subsequent network discoveries will not overwrite the correct operating system information.

Network speed
Specify whether Network Discovery makes allowances for network speed.
Slow network
Doubles SNMP timeouts, reduces the number of SNMP sessions. By default, this check box is cleared.

Other tabs in this dialog box: Subnets, Domains, SNMP, SNMP Devices, DHCP, Schedule

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