Software Inventory Client Agent Properties Dialog Box: File Collection Tab

When you enable software inventory for a site, use this tab to specify files to collect from clients.

Files to be collected
The list of files that you want to collect from site clients.
The files that are to be collected from clients. By default, no files are listed.
Picture of New Button
Click to open the New File dialog box, which enables you to add a new entry to the Files to be collected list.
Picture of Delete Button
Click to delete the selected file name.
Maximum data collected per client (MB)
The maximum size allowed for all the combined files, in MB, that SMS collect from a client during a software inventory cycle. You can specify between 1 and 20 MB, inclusive. By default, this value is set to 1.

Note    Collected files from each client in a site hierarchy can generate quite a bit of network traffic and require extensive storage space, especially if you choose a larger value for the combined size of the files. Test the traffic that would be generated on your network before you enable a larger combined file size.

Other tabs in this dialog box: General, Inventory Collection

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