New File Dialog Box

Use this dialog box to specify a file that you add to the list of files collected from clients during software inventory.

Note    SMS collects files as large as 20 MB. However, large files adversely affect inventory collection performance, particularly when they are collected from many clients in a site.

File name
The name of a file you want to collect from site clients. You can type any valid file name, and you can use the ? and * wildcard characters (except *.*). If you collect files from clients running Windows 95 or Windows NT, you can specify a long file name (the maximum name length is 255 characters). However, file names are not case-sensitive, and these characters are prohibited: \ / : " < > |

Important     Be careful when you use wildcard characters in a file name. Collected files, especially large ones, require a lot of disk space to process on clients, take longer to process, and use up disk space on the site server. Collecting multiple files amplifies these issues.

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