Software Metering Properties Dialog Box: Local Tab

Use this tab to configure software metering task schedules within your site.

License balancing
To modify the schedule for transferring licenses between software metering servers within a site, click Schedule. By default, the schedule is set to every four hours. You should only configure license balancing and define products with licenses if you are using clients in real-time license verification mode (online mode), since licenses are never denied in offline mode. When you enable Software Metering, it defaults to offline mode. You can change this setting on the General tab of the Software Metering Client Agent configuration.
Site management
To modify the schedule for moving data down an SMS site hierarchy, click Schedule. For example, this schedule determines when and how often SMS transfers registered and excluded product lists from a parent site to the child site to the software metering servers in the site. By default, the site management schedule is set to every hour.
Data collation
To modify the schedule for collating software metering data up the site to the site server, click Schedule. SMS collects and stores both licensed product and unlicensed product usage data. When this data is collated to the site server, it is deleted from the software metering server. By default, the schedule is set to every four hours.

Note   Collecting software metering data at the parent site enables the administrator at the parent site to produce reports and graphs based on information from all child sites. Software metering data is stored only at the local site unless you selected Schedule intersite license management on the Intersite tab, which enables the propagation of data up to the parent sites. However, software metering data is only propagated up to the site that registered the product, not to any parent sites of that site.

Other tabs in this dialog box: General, Intersite, Data Summarization

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