Software Metering Properties Dialog Box: Data Summarization Tab

Use this tab to create and specify software metering data summaries. For more information about data summarization, see About Data Summarization.

Schedule data summarization
Enables data summarization scheduling. This check box is selected by default.

Caution     If you clear this check box, data will not be summarized. Clearing the check box enables the software metering database to grow unchecked and might cause performance problems in the site.

Click to open the Schedule dialog box, which enables you to schedule data summarization frequency.
Summarization rules
The current summarization rules.
Picture of New Button
Click to open the Summarization Rule Properties dialog box in order to create a new data summarization rule.

Picture of Properties Button
Click to open the Summarization Rule Properties dialog box in order to modify summarization rule properties of the selected rule.

Picture of Delete Button
Click to delete the selected data summarization rule.

The data type to be summarized. The two valid data types are: licensed programs (programs that have been registered for use with SMS) and unlicensed programs (programs that have not been registered with SMS).

The age of the data to summarize (for example, data over 1 month old).

The level of detail to summarize the data to (for example, data by hour, day, or week).

Other tabs in this dialog box: General, Local, Intersite

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