About Data Summarization

SMS collects and stores detailed data about the software that is used within a site and its subsites. Data summarization reduces the amount of data stored at the site server. Each time a user opens a software product, the Software Metering Client Agent creates a detailed license usage record. This record contains the user name, the dates and times of product use, and the computer on which the product was used. For example, if a product is used 100 times a day, 100 detailed records are created and reported to the software metering database. However, if you enable data summarization and specify one day for both age and granularity, the 100 records are reduced to one record the next time that summarization runs. This one record will indicate the number of times the product was used or denied during the day. You configure data summarization in the Data Summarization tab of the Software Metering Properties dialog box.

Software metering data is maintained for historical purposes so that you can run reports and view graphs showing product usage over time. For this reason, you cannot delete software metering data; you can only summarize it. For example, you can summarize all data older than a year to a granularity of one year; this approach generates only one record per product per year.

Summarization rules permit you to condense software metering data for licensed and unlicensed products by the minute, hour, week, or year. You can create a maximum of 12 summarization rules per product.

Following are examples of summarization rules you can create:

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