Preparing a Site System for an SNA RAS Sender

Before creating an SNA RAS Sender on a site system, you must ensure that the site system is configured correctly. This procedure is performed outside of SMS, using the Microsoft SNA Server. For detailed information about the steps and terms in this procedure, see your SNA Server product documentation.

  1. Make sure that the Microsoft SNA Server software is installed on a site system in one of the site's domains and on a site system in each destination site. Create logical unit (LU) pair connections between all of the servers.
  2. On the site system running SNA Server (where you will install SNA RAS Sender), create an APPC local LU that SNA Sender and SNA Receiver at that site will use.
  3. At the destination sites, create an APPC local LU; these LUs are the units that the current site's SNA Sender will use. (For information about local LUs, remote LUs, modes, and connections, see your SNA Server product documentation.)
  4. Create a connection between the current site server's SNA RAS Sender LU (the local LU) and all destination sites' SNA RAS Sender LUs (remote LUs). Create the connection at both sites.
  5. The LU pair for both connections can use either #BATCH or #INTER mode.

After preparing the site system for the sender, you can create a sender on the site system.

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