Courier Sender Overview

Courier Sender enables you to send and receive Systems Management Server packages in the form of parcels outside of the actual SMS system through physical media such as tapes or compact discs (for example, using a courier service instead of using a physical SMS sender). You can use Courier Sender to distribute packages, but not to communicate with other sites. Courier Sender is most useful when you have a large amount of data to send or you have low-bandwidth (or very busy) links between the sending site and receiving sites.

Courier Sender is installed and configured by default on all primary and secondary sites. You use Courier Sender Manager to create outgoing parcels, receive incoming parcels, and view and change parcel status information. Wizards help you create and receive parcels. To receive a parcel, you must run Courier Sender Manager at the receiving site and specify the parcels to be received. You can access Courier Sender Manager in the Systems Management Server programs group on the Start menu.

Note    You must choose Courier Sender as the preferred sender in the Distribution Settings tab of the Package Properties dialog box to send parcels using this sender.

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