About Senders

To communicate with each other, sites must have one or more senders. The choice of senders you install depends on the existing connectivity systems between your sites. When you set up a site, you must configure the senders that the site uses to communicate with other sites. SMS supports three types of senders:

Note    Courier Sender is only used for package distribution and not site-to-site communications.

After you install a site, the following senders are configured by default:

A site can have multiple senders of the same type or of different types, but no single computer in a site can have more than one sender of the same type. You can create senders on the site server or on other computers running Windows NT Server (which would make them site systems).

Different sender types use the network in different ways. For example, SNA RAS Sender can use batch or interactive mode.

Note    Using batch mode over an LU 6.2 session will not interfere with user transactions from user terminals. However, using interactive mode can affect users because in this mode, SNA RAS Sender can take as much bandwidth as it needs to send the data as quickly as possible. Except for X25 lines, which send and receive simultaneously, data sent over RAS also monopolize the sending line. Even Standard Sender can consume most or all of the available bandwidth on a slow network.

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