Changing Advanced Tab Settings for Existing Clients

When you configure settings on the Advanced tab, the previously installed clients do not automatically receive the new settings. For example, you might want to change the default compression method, or the default remote access protocol. New clients that install the Remote Control Client Agent receive the new settings, but clients that have already installed Remote Tools do not.

To update all clients to the new settings, you can use either of two methods:

The first method is easy, but may not be suitable for many networks because of the brief loss of Remote Tools functionality. The second method does not require any loss of functionality, but is not as simple to execute. If you use software distribution, the package you create contains the instruction to run %WINDIR%\MS\SMS\Clicomp\Remctrl\Rchwcfg.exe (%WINDIR% denotes the Windows directory on the client) with a command line of install. This will cause a Remote Tools client component to recognize the changes made on the Advanced tab and update the client settings.

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