Remote Tools Client Agent Properties Dialog Box: Advanced Tab

Use this tab to specify default settings for hardware-dependent Remote Tools Client Agent features.

Note    Settings in the Advanced tab do not automatically propagate to existing clients. If you configure these settings after installation, the changes will not affect clients that already have the Remote Tools Client Agent installed, unless you use the procedures in Changing Advanced Tab Settings for Existing Clients.

Default compression for remote control
Lets you specify the type of compression you want to use for remote control sessions. Select from the following options:
Run Length Encoding (RLE) compression, which compresses screen data by 40 percent. RLE is the default setting, which you can use for slower clients that have processors with speeds less than 100 MHz.
Lempel-Ziv compression, which provides data compression for higher-speed clients. Clients with at least a 100 MHz Pentium processor achieve better compression with Lempel-Ziv. However, slower clients should not use the Lempel-Ziv option.
Automatically select
Automatically determines the best compression based on each client's processor.
Default remote access protocol
Lets you specify the default network protocol that clients use to issue Remote Tools commands. Select from the following options:
The Windows sockets protocol. If most of your clients run the TCP/IP protocol, select this option.
The NetBIOS protocol. If most of your clients run only a NetBIOS protocol (such as NetBEUI), select this option. If you select this option, you must also select a Lana number to use for the connection. Valid entries range from 0 through 7.
The NetWare IPX protocol. If most of your clients run NetWare IPX, select this option.
Install accelerated screen transfer on Windows NT clients
Specifies installation of software that speeds up Remote Tools screen transfers on Windows  NT clients. Select this option to install the software on any Windows NT client that runs a video driver listed in the Video Drivers table.
Video drivers
A table of video drivers that run the accelerated screen transfer software. By default, the table lists drivers that Microsoft has tested and found to be compatible with the accelerated screen transfer program. To add drivers to the table, click Picture of New Button to open the New Video Driver dialog box. To delete drivers from this table, select the driver you want to delete, and then click Picture of Delete Button .

Note    Accelerated screen transfer software is installed on any client that uses a driver listed in the table. It does not matter which video driver the administrator's computer is running.

Other tabs in this dialog box: General, Security, Policy, Notification

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