Remote Tools Client Agent Properties Dialog Box: Notification Tab

Use this tab to configure how users are notified when their computer is being accessed remotely. You can specify whether users can change these notification settings in the General tab.

Display a visual indicator
Displays a visual indicator that appears on the client's monitor. When this option is selected, the visual indicator always appears when a session is active.
Show status icon on taskbar
The visual indicator is a Remote Tools icon in the client's system tray.
Show high-security indicator on desktop
The visual indicator is a small Remote Tools indicator window on the client's desktop.
Also show indicator when no session is active
Displays the visual indicator when there is no remote control session. You can only select this option if you have selected Display a visual indicator first.
Play a sound
Plays an audible indicator that sounds during a Remote Tools session at the times you specify.
When session begins and ends
Plays a sound only when a Remote Tools session begins or ends.
Repeatedly during session
Plays a sound repeatedly during the Remote Tools session.

Other tabs in this dialog box: General, Security, Policy, Advanced

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