Remote Tools Client Agent Properties Dialog Box: General Tab

Use this tab to specify whether the Remote Tools Client Agent is installed and started on clients in the site.

Enable Remote Tools on clients
Specifies Remote Tools Client Agent installation on all clients in the site. If you clear the check box, the Remote Tools Client Agent will not be installed on site clients, and you cannot use SMS for Remote Tools sessions.
Clients cannot change Policy or Notification settings
Indicates that these settings cannot be changed on clients. If this check box is selected, the values you set in the Policy and Notification tabs are enforced on all clients. If this check box is cleared, clients still receive these settings by default, but users can change the settings.

Note    Settings in the Advanced tab do not automatically propagate to existing clients. If you configure these settings after installation, the changes will not affect clients that already have the Remote Tools Client Agent installed unless you use the procedures in Changing Advanced Tab Settings for Existing Clients.

Other tabs in this dialog box: Security, Policy, Notification, Advanced

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