Software Metering Client Agent Properties: Inactivity Tab

Use this tab to specify the message users see when the client agent detects that the metered product is inactive for a specified period of time. A product is inactive when the client agent detects an absence of common system actions such as mouse clicks and keyboard clicks.

You can use the Software Metering tool to specify the length of time required to generate an inactivity message on a product-specific basis. You can also use the tool to specify that the licensed product should be shut down when the system detects inactivity. For more information about these procedures, see Monitor Product Inactivity.

Inactive product message
The message that notifies users that the product on their system is inactive. You can use the default message or type a customized message.

The default message is:

This product has been detected as being inactive. Please close this product.

If you type your own message, make sure the message informs users that the product on their system has been detected as being inactive. If you plan to close inactive products, you should include this information in the message. You should also include a technical support contact for users who need assistance. The maximum message length is 254 characters.

Other tabs in this dialog box: General, Timings, Checked-Out, Denials

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