Software Metering Client Agent Properties Dialog Box: Checked-Out Tab

Use this tab to specify the message that users see when a checked-out license is due to expire soon. When a checked-out license expires, a system message indicates that the license is no longer valid. If a product license expires while the product is in use, the user can continue to run it. However, when a license expires, it is checked in automatically. Users cannot run the product again with the previously checked-out license without first obtaining a new license.

Note    The system message applies to all product licenses that expire. However, the length of time before a product license expires is set on a product-specific basis using the Software Metering tool. For more information, see Set Product Permissions.

License expiration message
A message that issues product license status information. You can use the default message or type a customized expiration message. The default message is:

Your checked-out licenses will expire soon. Please renew your check-out if you want to continue using this product.

If you type your own expiration message, make sure to notify users that the license they checked out will expire soon. You should also include a technical support contact for users who need assistance. The maximum message length is 254 characters.

Other tabs in this dialog box: General, Timings, Denials, Inactivity

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