About SMS Remote Service Accounts

SMS uses two SMS Remote Service accounts:

This account is automatically created when you enable the Windows Networking Logon Client Discovery method. The account is used by SMS NT Logon Discovery Agent to discover Windows network resources whose users log on to Windows NT domain controllers. This account is mandatory on all Windows NT logon points in a site. SMSLogonSvc is a member of the Domain Users group and the local Administrators group, and has the Log on as a service right.

Note    If the account name, password, or permissions change, Logon Manager automatically re-creates this account.

This account is used to run the SMS Executive service on CAPs other than the site server. It is automatically created on each CAP when you assign the CAP role to a site system. SMSSvc_sitecode_xxxx is a member of the local Administrators group on the CAP and a member of the Domain Admins group. This account is also granted the Log on as a service right on the CAP.

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