About the SMS Service Account

The SMS Service account (SMSService, by default) provides the site server with access to SMS services on all site systems in a site. Most of the SMS services running on a site server use this account, including SMS Executive, Site Component Manager, and SQL Monitor. The Crystal Info services, if installed, also use the SMS Service account.

Note    The SMS Service account is not used by SMS site server components for NetWare NDS site system administration. Instead, site server components that configure NDS site systems use a NetWare Site System Network Connection account. The system attempts to use the SMS Service account to configure and manage bindery site systems if no adequate NetWare Bindery Site System Network Connection accounts exist. In this case, the SMS Service account must have Supervisor equivalence on the bindery server.

The SMS Service account is created during SMS Setup, during which time you specify the account name and password. By default, this account is a member of the local Administrators, Domain Users, and Domain Admins groups. The SMS Service account is granted the Log on as a service right on the site server so that the SMS services can start and run under this account.

Tips   For maximum security, specify an obscure name for the SMS Service account during SMS Setup. Also, remove the account from the Domain Admins group and add it to the local Administrators group on the site server, CAPs, SQL Server computers, logon points, and software metering servers.

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