About SMS Client Network Connection Accounts

Windows NT client components use SMS Client Network Connection accounts to connect as a service to CAPs and distribution points. For example, a client component that is updating its configuration to match the configuration settings defined at the site level uses this account to retrieve the new settings.

One account is needed for each SMS site, or the account must be trusted in all the sites. In addition, one account is needed for each NetWare CAP or NetWare distribution point that has Windows NT clients.

If the site server is a domain controller, SMS Setup creates an SMS Client Network Connection account (SMSClient_sitecode) that uses a domain account; otherwise, it uses a local account. Local accounts must be given explicit access to remote CAPs. Even domain accounts must be given explicit access to CAPs that are outside the site server's domain, if that domain is not trusted by the site server's domain.

On NetWare CAPs and distribution points, the SMS Client Network Connection account must have Supervisor rights.

For greater security, you can specify accounts that are not members of the Domain Users group and simply grant the accounts Read permission to the necessary directories and shares on the CAPs and distribution points.

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