The Expression Builder tool is available on the Define Prerequisite Rules, Define Applicability Rules, and Define Installed Rules pages of the Create Update Wizard in the Custom Updates Publishing Tool. It provides the ability to add, delete, and group the rules defined for each type of verification. The Expression Builder contains the following elements:

Add Rule icon

Opens the Add Rule Dialog Box that defines the new rule. The new rule is added to the end of the top-level grouping if no row is selected. It is added directly under the selected row, belonging to the same group.
Move Up icon

Moves the highlighted rule up in the list of rules in the Expression Builder.
Move Down icon

Moves the highlighted rule down in the list of rules.
Delete icon

Deletes the highlighted rule from the custom update definition. Saved rules are still available in the Manage Rules dialog box.
Add Group icon

Adds a group to the selected rules. Select one or more rules under the main grouping and click the Add Group icon to create a subgrouping of logical And/Or expressions. By default, all groupings are added as Or expressions but can be changed to the And operator.
Delete Group icon

Deletes the group for the selected rules. Select one or more updates that have been grouped together and click the Delete Group icon to remove the grouping.

Displays the Expression Builder in full-screen mode. Click Return to Wizard to return to the normal wizard view.

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