The List View pane appears in the upper center area of the Custom Updates Publishing Tool console when the vendor or product node in the Tree View pane is selected. When a vendor node is selected, the names for all products associated with the vendor display in the List View pane. When a product node is selected, all custom updates associated with the product display in the List View pane with the following attributes described in the following table.

Attribute Description

Article ID

Specifies the ID for the article that contains more information about the custom update.


Specifies the name for the custom update.


Specifies the severity for the custom update. Possible values are None, Critical, Important, Moderate, or Low.


Specifies the classification type for the custom update. Possible values are Critical Updates, Feature Packs, Updates, Security Updates, Service Packs, Hotfixes, Tools, and Update Rollups.

Creation Date

Specifies the creation date for the custom updates.


Specifies the language for the custom update.


Specifies whether the custom update is approved for publishing. A green flag indicates that an update has been approved.

To sort items displayed in the List View pane, click the respective column.

The List View pane has global and specific actions available by right-clicking any item displayed. For more information about the available actions in the List View pane, see Custom Updates Publishing Tool Actions.

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