Use the Specify Path page in the Publish Wizard to configure the location where the software updates catalog is published and to specify whether to synchronize the catalog to the SMS 2003 site server. Mandatory fields display with the required field indicator.

This page contains the following elements:

Publishing Path

Specifies the publish location for the custom software updates that have the Publish Flag set. A cabinet (CAB) file containing the custom updates is created in the specified path.
Synchronize with the Site Database of Systems Management Server

Specifies whether to synchronize the software updates catalog to the SMS 2003 site server database. The publishing path is disabled if this option is selected and the published catalog is automatically created in the user's %TEMP% folder. The custom software updates that have the Publish Flag set are published to the catalog in the user temp folder, copied to the SMS 2003 site server, and the custom updates defined in the catalog are synchronized to the site server database. After the synchronization is complete, the Inventory Tool for Custom Updates can be used to scan clients for software update applicability and the software updates can be distributed to clients that require them.

Returns to the previous page of the wizard.

Moves to the next page of the wizard.

Discards the settings and exits the wizard.

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