An Inventory Tool for Custom Updates scan is performed by CSTScan.exe. The following command-line parameters are available:

Commandline parameter Description


Specifies the filename for the catalog xml data. For example, CSTScan.exe /CF:UpdatesCatalog.xml.


Specifies the xml filename for the scan results. For example, CSTScan.exe /RF:MyResults.xml.


Specifies the log file name for the scan tool. For example, CSTScan.exe /L:CSTScan.log.


Specifies to write verbose log file information.


Specifies to run the scan tool in test mode.


Provides a list and brief description for the commandline parameters.


CSTScan.exe [/CF:catalog filename] [/RF:results filename] [/L:log filename] [/V] [/TEST] [/?]


CSTScan.exe /CF:UpdatesCatalog.xml /RF:Results.xml /L:CSTScan.log /V

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