The Synchronization tab in the Settings dialog box configures whether the Custom Updates Publishing Tool synchronizes selected catalogs to a Systems Management Server (SMS) 2003 site server. After the synchronization is complete, SMS 2003 uses the Inventory Tool for Custom Updates to scan clients for applicable custom updates from the synchronized catalog. The following procedure provides the steps necessary to configure the publishing tool for synchronization.

To configure the publishing tool for synchronization

  1. In the Custom Updates Publishing Tool console, open the Settings dialog box by performing one of the following actions:

    • Right-click any tree node item, and then click Settings.

    • In the Action pane, click Settings.

    • On the Action menu item, click Settings.

  2. On the Synchronization tab, enable the Configure publishing tool for synchronization role option, and then configure the following:

    • Site Server Name: Enter the SMS 2003 site server NetBIOS name, and then click Apply to validate the name. The required field indicator displays if validation is unsuccessful and a new site server name must be entered.

    • PkgSource location of the scan tool package: Enter the package location used by the Inventory Tool for Custom Updates. If the inventory tool is installed in the default location, the package source is installed in the %ProgramFiles%\Custom Update Scan Tool\PkgSource local folder and shared as CSTPackageSrc. For a remote site server, enter \\<ServerName>\CSTPackageSrc for the package source location. Validation on the scan tool package source occurs immediately, and if unsuccessful, the required field indicator displays and a new location must be entered.

  3. Click OK to exit the Settings dialog box.

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