When Setup completes, the package, program, and advertisement objects are created and prefixed with the name specified on the Distribution Settings page of the Scan Tool for Vulnerability Assessment Setup wizard. For more information about these SMS objects, see Overview of the SMS Objects Created to Run the Scan Tool for Vulnerability Assessment.

To verify that the packages, programs, collections, advertisements were created by the Setup wizard, expand the Site Database (sitecode - sitename) node in the SMS Administrator console and navigate as follows:

  1. Click Collections to view the collections in the right pane of the SMS Administrator console.

  2. Click Packages to view the packages in the right pane of the SMS Administrator console.

  3. To view the programs associated with the packages, expand Packages, click the package you want to view, and click Programs. The programs associated with the selected package display in the right pane.

  4. Click Advertisements to view the advertisements in the right pane.

If the SMS Administrator console was open during Setup, you might need to refresh the console to see the newly created objects.

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