Use the Define Installed Rules page of the Create Update Wizard or Modify Update Wizard to configure the rules that verify whether the custom update is already installed on the client. When the Inventory Tool for Custom Updates is used to scan clients for custom updates, the installed rules are evaluated and the custom update is considered needed if any of the rules are not met. Installed rules typically check for the file version equal to a defined value, registry key value equal to a define value, and so on.

Even though the installed rules are optional in the wizard, at least one rule must be created to publish the custom update.

This page contains the following UI elements:

Expression Builder

Specifies the installed rules defined for the custom update. For more information about creating rules, see How to Create New Rules in the Create/Modify Update Wizard
XML View

Provides an XML read-only view of the defined prerequisite rules.

Returns to the previous page of the wizard.

Moves to the next page of the wizard.

Discards the settings and exits the wizard.

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