A custom management pack might include references to resources such as an image or a form assembly. To import such a management pack into System Center Service Manager 2010, you must first bundle the management pack file and its associated resources into a single .mpb management pack file.

There are several methods you can use to bundle a management pack file with its resources, such as using the New-MPBFile script for Windows PowerShell. For more information about how to bundle a management pack with its associated resources, see the Introducing Management Pack Bundles blog.

When bundling a management pack, any form .dll in the bundle is stored in the Service Manager database, along with any other resources such as images. The form is then automatically deployed to any Service Manager console computer that needs to render that form. When the form is loaded for the first time in the Service Manager console, it will be retrieved from the Service Manager database and cached on the local computer. In subsequent uses, the form will be retrieved from the local cache.

To customize management packs that are bundled in an .mpb file, you must first unbundle the .mpb file, and then individually customize each management pack and resource file. For more information about how to unbundle an .mpb management pack file, see How to Unbundle a Bundled Management Pack.