To be able to implement customizations that you make in the Authoring Tool, you need to save them to a management pack file.

If you customize an object from a sealed management pack, you will not be able to save that customization in the original sealed management pack. In this case you can either use an existing unsealed management pack, or you can create a new management pack which by default will be unsealed.

To create a new management pack file

  1. In the Authoring Tool, on the menu bar, click File, and then click New.

  2. In the New Management Pack dialog box, enter a file name and a location for the new management pack file.

    Ensure that the file name that you specify does not contain spaces or special characters, and do not specify the Authoring Tool installation folder as the location for new and customized management pack files.

  3. Click Open.

  4. In the Management Pack Explorer, verify that the new management pack is listed.