Ken creates a template for the new compliance change request type; the template is named Apply AppLocker Software Policy to Computer. The new template helps ensure consistency among all the change requests of this type, and it helps ensure the correct workflow behavior.

The following procedure provides the high-level steps that you need to complete in the Service Manager console. For more information about how to create a new template, see How to Create a New Change Request Template ( in the Service Manager Administrator’s Guide.

To create a new template

  1. Specify the following as the name of the template: Apply AppLocker Software Policy to Computer.

  2. Set the class to Change Request.

  3. Set the management pack to Automated Activity: Add Computer to AD Group.

  4. When the change request form is displayed, note the customizations in the form, such as the image that was previously added and the new layout of the fields.

  5. On the General tab on the form, set Area to Compliance.

  6. On the Activities tab, add a review activity named Review and Approve Adding Computer to Group, and then set the reviewer to an appropriate user.

  7. Add the new activity Automated Activity: Add Computer AD Group.

  8. Set Group to GP_AUTHAPPS.

  9. Save the template.