This section provides guidance for IT developers to create custom Windows Workflow Foundation (WF) activities that IT pros can use to build WF workflows that are specific to their IT processes. Custom WF activities extend the Activity Library—the activities distributed with the System Center Service Manager Authoring Tool. The Workflow Activity Reference section provides details of the default WF activities in the Activity Library. This information is intended to help developers (or IT pros acting as developers) create custom WF activities as needed.

For information about how to use WF activities and WF workflows with Service Manager, see Automating IT Processes with Workflows.

In This Section

Active Directory Activities

Describes Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) activities to make Active Directory functions part of your workflow.
Control Flow Activities

Describes control flow activities to provide structure—branches, loops, or timer delays—for your workflow.
Virtual Machine Manager Activities

Describes virtual machine management activities to build workflows that allow for creating and updating virtual machines.
Script Activities

Describes script activities to run a script as part of a workflow.
Service Manager Activities

Describes Service Manager activities to make Service Manager functions part of your workflow.
Guidelines for Creating Custom Activities

Provides guidelines and details for creating custom activities in workflows.
Sample Activity - Setting an Activity's Status to Completed

Provides a sample activity that sets an activity’s status to completed.