A Label control is used for displaying a label on a form. You can modify the properties of the Label control to customize characteristics such as the text string that the label displays. Use the following procedure to add a Label control to a form.

To add a Label control to a form

  1. Ensure that the Form Customization Toolbox pane is open and that the form that you want to customize is open in the authoring pane.

  2. Drag the Label icon from the Form Customization Toolbox pane to the form. Click the Label control on the form.

  3. In the Details pane, select the Binding Path property. Click the ellipsis () icon, and then in the Binding Path dialog box, select the class property that you want the Label control to bind to.

    Alternatively, if you want the Label to display a static string, then select the Content property and type a string to replace the default ‘Label_1’ string. It will be displayed on the form.

  4. Click any other property in the Details pane to customize properties of the Label control.

  5. Click File, and then click Save All to save the custom form to a management pack.