Ken needs to bundle the management pack file with all the necessary resource files and then import the bundled file to System Center Service Manager 2010. When Service Manager imports a management pack, it validates the XML code in the management pack file and then imports the management pack only if it is valid.

To bundle the management pack file with its associated resource files

  1. Ensure that the Woodgrove.AutomatedActivity.AddComputerToGroupMP.xml file and its associated resource files, such as the Woodgrovebank.jpg image file and the AddComputerToGroupFormAssembly.dll file, are in the same folder.

    For example, put all the files in the AuthoringSample folder.

  2. Copy the folder that contains the files to the Service Manager management server.

  3. Run the following Windows PowerShell script from within the folder that contains the files.

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    New-MPBFile.ps1 <Management Pack File or .xml> <Output bundle file (.mpb)>

    This script is included in the AuthoringSample.exe file.

    For example:

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    New-MPBFile.ps1 Woodgrove.AutomatedActivity.AddComputerToGroupMP.xml AddComputerToGroup.mpb

To import the management pack

  1. In the Service Manager console, click Administration.

  2. In the Administration pane, expand Administration, and then click Management Packs.

  3. In the Tasks pane, under Management Packs, click Import Management Pack.

  4. In the Select Management Packs to Import dialog box, select AddComputerToGroup.mpb.

  5. In the Import Management Packs dialog box, click Add, click Import, and then click OK.