The SCSM_AuthoringTool_2010.exe program file contains the Authoring Tool.msi installation package and support files. This includes the files that are required for customizing default Service Manager forms. Ensure that the user who will be running the Authoring Tool has access to the local folder that you used to extract the files from the SCSM_AuthoringTool_2010.exe program file.

If Windows Error Reporting is enabled on the computer running the Authoring Tool, errors are automatically reported.

To install the Service Manager Authoring Tool

  1. Verify that the computer on which you plan to install the Authoring Tool meets the requirements described in Requirements for the Service Manager Authoring Tool.

  2. Download the SCSM_AuthoringTool_2010.exe program file to the local computer on which you want to install the Authoring Tool. Double-click SCSM_AuthoringTool_2010.exe.

  3. In the WinZip Self-Extractor – SCSM_AuthoringTool_2010.exe dialog box, type a path to which to extract the files, and then click Unzip.

  4. Browse to the folder to where you extracted the files, expand the CDImage folder and locate Setup.exe. Double-click Setup.exe to start Setup.

  5. In the Service Manager Authoring Tool Setup Wizard, click Install the Service Manager Authoring Tool.

  6. Continue through the Product registration and the Installation location pages.

  7. On the Prerequisites page, if any prerequisite test fails, you must update the server to ensure that each prerequisite is met. If Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Shell is not installed, click Install Microsoft Visual Studio Shell 2008 to install the application.

    Click Check prerequisites again and fix any other problems until all prerequisite tests pass.

  8. On the Service Manager Version page, select the version of Service Manager that you want to install.

  9. Continue through the Use Microsoft Update to help keep your computer secure and up-to-date pages.

  10. On the Installation summary page, click Install and wait for the installation to finish.

  11. Apply the SCSM2010_RTM_KB2193861.exe update rollup to the Service Manager management server. You can find this update at the Microsoft HotFix website (

To start the Service Manager Authoring Tool

  1. On your desktop, click Start.

  2. Select Programs, select Microsoft System Center, and then select Service Manager 2010 Authoring.

  3. Click Service Manager Authoring Tool and wait for the Authoring Tool to open.

  4. In the Class Browser pane, click Refresh. This populates the browser with all classes that are defined in management packs from the <Installation folder>/Library folder. When you opened the Authoring Tool for the first time, this pane was empty.